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I'm around. Been busy with VBS at church, which was fun but I'm glad it's behind now as it was a little time consuming and I have some other things to focus on right now like school and some future planning. :) I can't put this on tumblr or FB because certain people I don't want to know would find out sooner than I intended but I am moving to FL in about 2 years :D Houses in St. Petersburg and in the small towns between it and toward Tampa are fairly cheap right now and we can get a house for under 80k which is a huge savings and could be paid off in just a few years, hopefully 5!

Up way too early gonna go back to sleep in a few minutes.
Well I'm about to go sign up for two of the paid survey sites that happen to be legit. Hopefully I'll qualify for some surveys quickly :)

Doctor appointment was fine. They need to submit insurance forms to get the procedure approved so in 1-2 weeks I'll probably be having the procedure.
err yeah I'm still here :)

Busy busy busy busy busy.

Tomorrow I have an appointment w/ a Botox clinic for injections to the head and neck. DREAD the procedure but have hope that it may help and in that case I'll do virtually anything except another spinal tap (I better not ever get meningitis, because I'd literally rather die than ever consent to another tap).

Next week is VBS at church and I am choosing to be excited about it. Right now I'm just more worried about my procedure and the fact that next week I also have to get nerve blocks in my head. Ugh.

I've started an etsy shop! Check it out - www.etsy.com/shop/CosmicPawprints ... mostly science and cat themed jewelry but more things are in the works and planning right now.

Lexi is 55 days free of tonic-clonic seizure activity (grand mal), a new record for her. She's had a few minor focal seizures but given how many storms, low pressure days, fireworks, topical ear medication, and dewormer she's been exposed to lately (routine maintainance once a year, nothing major) I was very pleased to see her break her record. Leah's also made tremendous progress with her shyness and I am being love-assaulted by her as I type this.

I guess that's it for now.
Well Tuesday I had my appointment at the pain management clinic in Philly. The doctor was really nice and listened carefully when I told him my history. When I explained how the pain was nondescriptly HELL and where it was usually radiating from, you could almost see a lightbulb go on over his head! He came over and said, "Lean forward" and then pressed his hand into the back of my head and his thumb kind of above my ear and said, did that hurt? I said "I won't say it's like OH MY GOD OWWW but I sure don't LIKE it!" and he said "Perfect. I think I may have a diagnosis for you. Have this test and try these meds but come back in 3 weeks and I'm going to test the diagnosis with treatment." Basically he thinks I have occipital neuralgia -- totally treatable, sometimes even CUREABLE! I almost can't wait to go back in 3 weeks and get needles in my head Haha.

The other news is Lexi had a very bad episode Monday with two long seizures, one of which involved falling down the stairs. So I had to take her to the emergency vet and then to Dr. Bob yesterday. Upped her pheno dose from 3.2 mg a day to 4 mg a day, giving that two weeks to see how she does. If THAT doesn't take I am supposed to up it again to 5.6 mg per day for two weeks. If none of that works it's time for a pheno saturation test which is a blood test to make sure she's metabolizing the meds.

The cute news for tonight is from church. Jesse is 5 years old and in my Sunday School class. He is ASD but quite verbal, just not always CONVERSATIONAL. Well tonight after church he did his usual joyful running around greeting everyone. Someone brought in cheesecake cupcakes with assorted fruit on top that looked like little pies. He came running to me and said in his cheerful little voice "WE HAVE TO FIND THE PIES!!!" It was cute.. I dunno maybe you had to be there but he's just precious.

CH - What it is and what it isn't!

I just saw a video posted on FB -- with someone requesting Tata share it for this kitten looking for a home. It was a video of a CH kitten flopping and rolling and just melting into a little puddle of kitty. They said she will "learn to walk and be independent" but be wobbly.

PEOPLE SHOULDN'T LIE ABOUT HOW SEVERE A CH CASE IS!! They vary from slight uncoordinated, you'd have to know what to look for to know they have it... to quadriplegic and requiring full care for any quality of life. Many vets routinely put down any kitten who shows signs of CH and this is NOT right.. Most can improve with therapy (the OWNER can do this at home it is very easy and straightforward). But they aren't going to go from about 6 weeks old and can't move forward at all to being able to WALK AND BE INDEPENDENT; that kitten, barring a miracle (they happen! Tata was born blind and got her eyesight on her first Christmas!) will need assistance for her entire life, every day, to make sure she has a good life. She CAN have a good life, but it will take someone special to provide it.

Here is what I wrote on FB about it.

This is the second most severe case of CH I've ever seen, after Momo's sister Sheena who didn't make it. This person should NOT be saying she will learn to walk and be independent. Some CH cats do not acquire the ability to walk on their own. Some can benefit from pet wheelchairs, if the weakness is mostly in the back. Some can learn to crawl or scoot themselves and yes I do believe this little one could learn that with time. She needs intensive physical therapy if she's ever going to have any quality of life. CH CATS DO NOT NEED TO BE EUTHANIZED, BUT UNDERSTANDING THEIR CONDITION AND HOW TO HELP THEM ON AN INDIVIDUAL LEVEL IS MANDATORY TO GIVE THEM QUALITY OF LIFE.

CH cats' condition generally does not effect their health, lifespan, or intelligence (though a slightly higher percentage of CH cats may be blind, deaf or epileptic due to other areas of brain damage. This is still not typical but they are statistically *slightly* more likely than Non-CH cats to have any of these conditions. One of my CH cats is also epileptic but she was poisoned, and severely beaten and CUT by a human on the streets before I got her). They are loving, playful, and have personalities and characteristics that span the rainbow that is cat demeanors. The only medical catch on CH cats is that they must never, ever be allowed outside (not that any cat should!) and any cat showing neurological anomalies shouldn't be unduly anesthetised for elective surgeries such as dental cleanings. CH cats should also not be declawed as many eventually learn to use their claws to compensate for their lack of balance and stay on their feet.

CH cats makes wonderful pets and are a true opportunity to save a life and still determine how much "extra care" is right for you and your situation. They can range from completely normal and needing no extra assistance (just a little clutzy) to requiring full accomodations such as puppy pads instead of a litter box and having their food on a flat plate rather than a bowl.

CH cats are wonderful, unique and precious. Their lives are precious and they should not be routinely euthanized. HOWEVER -- severe CH cats deserve their rescue and foster homes to be INFORMED and HONEST about the severity of the individual's case. Kittens can improve with therapy but a kitten this age who cannot right herself at all may never actually walk. Tata started out able to crawl, now she can walk but she falls alot. She also had the unique situation of starting intensive physical therapy with us at 4 weeks old, and a brother who pushed her to, but never past, her limits. I don't believe Tata would be walking today if she didn't have Aden.

May. 18th, 2013

Tomorrow we have one of our biggest rescue events of the year - Petpalooza at Ryerss Museum and Library in Philadelphia. Last year we were on the porch and that was a disadvantage but this year it will be an advantage since it's supposed to rain and people will rather be on the porch than walking around on the sidewalk :)
I have an appointment with a new doctor today...

I hate new doctors...

But, maybe they'll have some answers for me. It's an actual pain clinic so, I have hope.

I've been dying to get a look at Saturn, but the sky keeps being clouded over ... the universe LITERALLY hates me..

Apr. 18th, 2013

Why is a "potential" fossil of microbial "life" on Mars considered life, but a developing, growing, ALIVE baby considered not alive?

Being a vegetarian/vegan vs. not has NOTHING to do with being pro-life or pro-choice.

How do you think you have a "choice" when it comes to killing another human being? 99% of the time, you made a CHOICE to have sex, odds are in favor that you made a CHOICE not to take adequate precautions. Your choices end there, because your choices should not infringe on anyone else's right to life.  Yeah, your BABY is an "anyone else"

For you created my inmost being;
   you knit me together in my mother’s womb.
I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
   your works are wonderful,
   I know that full well.
My frame was not hidden from you
   when I was made in the secret place,
   when I was woven together in the depths of the earth.
Your eyes saw my unformed body;
   all the days ordained for me were written in your book
   before one of them came to be.
Psalm 139:13-16

“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you,
   before you were born I set you apart;
   I appointed you as a prophet to the nations.”
Jeremiah 1:5

"A person's a person - no matter how small!"
- Dr Seuss

I haven't posted in a few days or so.. I have been in a lot of pain from nerve damage in my back so I haven't been online for more than the necessary rescue stuff and keeping my DC track in tact, for the most part. If I'm on for 20 minutes at night when my back is calmer it's usually to catch up on email and see how my friends on AOL and FB are doing.. even them, I haven't kept up with as much as I'd like.  I'm also so sick of people and their online drama. Had a bit of that going around last week and it's just... enough to make you want to delete FB, AOL, everything.. go away and stay away.  Or start over with a fake name and post fake stuff and see who buys it; that idea has always appealed to me. I'd never do it, because it's dishonest and I hate people who do that SERIOUSLY. But the idea of doing it in a lighthearted, harmless way (i.e. My name is Jeannette and I live in Boston and today I bought a pink umbrella) seems amusing to me.. but maybe that is why I am drawn to writing and RP and even the SIMS3 game. Honest imagining. Though SIMS3 never leaves me wanting to say screw all of this and leave, because there are no other dramatic morons to deal with! Unlike FB and AOL. Haha.

Screw real life.

Tonight, I believe, is supposed to be a lunar eclipse and meteor shower. I hope to see at least the eclipse but I can do that to simply look out the window or stand on the patio. I am in way too much pain to drag out the telescope and hunch myself over to look in :( Maybe I'll get lucky and see a meteor or two if I can stand long enough with my back to even go look at the moon. I really don't want to miss it :(

It's driving me nuts. I have so much I want to do. Mentally, I am completely psyched for some real spring cleaning, getting rid of practically EVERYTHING either to donate or sell.. having a new, sparsely-collective life... Deep cleaning everything, new floors, paint, everything beautiful. I've set a goal date as July 1. But it seems like something always happens with either me or mom, or both.. and we have to put stuff off.

I'm doing what I can about that. I am losing weight to just have more strength and stamina in my body, and calling my neurologist about what I can do about the headaches and the nerve pain in my back. For now, that's the best I can do.  Meanwhile,I have every intention of getting to work as soon as my back heals, which I am praying is by tomorrow. It's a little better every day but I know better than to dive in to bending, lifting, stretching, twisting, and walking that is involved in my grand plan. I can wait another day or two and then plow through it on time, or jump in today, and quite possibly cause more damage and lose another week or more to it. So guess what my choice is, despite my impatience and excitement...

One of the cats we adopted out, Sam, has to come back because her owner lost her job and cannot afford to care for 3 cats. I hate when things like this happen.. but especially to the ones like poor Sam.. who lost her owner to terminal illness, was one of 7 out of a batch of 20-30 cats who escaped an animal control catching attempt so violent, lazy and incompetant, that not only did they entirely miss and leave behind six cats, they attempted to catch a seventh, and were so rough about it that their "humane" trap cut off a piece of her back down to the muscle, large enough to make a fist full of flesh! THEN THEY LEFT HER THERE! We took Sam, and her mother Juliet, and the injured cat Casey. The other four went to two other rescues in the area.  Casey was adopted in short order by her foster home, an animal-loving and soft-hearted father and his 14 year old daughter, who fell hopelessly in love with her and decided to become her forever home.  It got us a placement and cost us a foster home as they could not have any more cats in their home than the 3 they ended up with; mixed blessing, but I am very happy for Casey and the loving home she got.  Julie was a sweet girl but very damaged from what she went through. She went to a barn home with a kind man in his 80's and his middle-aged son.  We usually do indoor-cat only adoptions but some special cases are approved for very special barn homes, and this was one such case.

Poor Sam was with us for over a year, back and forth between foster homes.. "adopted' twice only to be bailed on before she ever made it to her new home.  Then, someone adopted her and she was SO happy. Now it's been about 2 months and the woman's boyfriend lost his job and they find themselves unable to afford Sam anymore. I've never bought the whole argument of not affording them so giving them up from people who buy all sorts of junk they and their animals don't need, but I know this woman is honestly unable to afford her right now.

Sam's been through enough. She will stay here with us. She's a beautiful and sweet girl and never deserved the lousy hand she was dealt. The woman who took her in with her mother loved her and intended to give them a wonderful life; it was neither her fault nor Sam and Julie's that she died less than a year later.

Today my new laptop is coming in the mail. My HP is shakey at best, and mom's is basically completely dead, or at least on serious life support. So we went online and bought two Dell Inspiron 15R's! One purple and one magenta. We'll pick colors when we see them in person. So excited! I miss having a Dell! I know severaly people who have this particular computer, and love it.

Just scrolled up to fix something.. and I saw that I picked my astronomy/TLK icon over my rescue icon. Oh well, I love that icon. I love both.. but that scene is wonderful. Check it out for yourselves:


Getting tired of this not sleeping crap